The story so far

The Community Plan 2013

In early 2013 we asked you what your local priorities are, and the replies we received helped us to create a Community Plan for our area. The plan was created by the Community First panel for Newsome, including members of Newsome Forum.

You can see the Community Plan online:

Newsome Ward Community Plan

The vast majority of you agreed with the local priorities suggested by the Community First panel, and ranked them in the following order:

  1. Tackling poverty
  2. Enhancing our environment
  3. Making connections
  4. Sharing our skills

As a result of your support, we have gone on to fund many local projects that fit within these themes.  Examples of the projects funded include:

  • Young at Heart – to help run monthly get-togethers for older residents
  • The Welcome Centre – to provide essentials for local people who are in crisis
  • Community Cards – to help create new cards from old and support participants
  • Yorkshire Wildlife Trust (Stirley Farm) – for the Newsome Bee Wise roadshow
  • Streetbikes – for cycling sessions for children and adults, plus bike mechanic sessions.
  • Growing Newsome – to help people grow and share their own food together.
  • Hoot Creative Arts – for creative sessions to support people with dementia

You can have a look at a full list of the 39 good causes that have been supported:

List of projects funded by Community First

Starting to create a Neighbourhood Plan in 2014

In 2014, Newsome Ward Community Forum began the process of developing a Neighbourhood Plan for our area. The first formal step was for us to propose a ‘neighbourhood area’ (the area which our plan will cover) to Kirklees Council. We also needed to have a neighbourhood forum of at least 21 people, reflecting the “inclusivity, diversity and character of the area”. We applied for Newsome Ward Community Forum to be recognised as the neighbourhood forum for our area, and we were successful. We also agreed on the area that our plan will cover and supplied a map of our “neighbourhood area” for approval (this is most of the Newsome Ward, with the exception of the town centre area).

Neighbourhood Plan research in 2015

Since then, we’ve been busy finding out what local people would like to see included in our Neighbourhood Plan, and doing lots of research into planning issues. We’ll be sharing what we found out via this web site. We have recently surveyed over 300 local households with the help of our research partners IbyD (Information by Design) and we’re gathering responses from community groups.